Welcome to Binayak Residential College!

Higher Secondary ( + 2) Education is the primary stepping stone towards journey for a bright career. In the present socioeconomic scenario the career of a student stands as a primary agenda to enter into the competitive and career world. A student faces both state and national level entrance examinations to reach his dream destination, be it Engineering. Medical, Management or IT, The students of Orissa are highly talented, tenacious and hard working. Inspite of their hard labour their performance in various competitions is not that satisfactory which worries every one of us. The deteriorated teaching standard in many colleges and lack of proper coaching, teaching and orientations are some of the factors which need serious consideration. Most of the +2 Colleges of our state are attached to Degree Colleges as a result the +2 Education does not get the attention that it requires. The slow and advanced learners are taught alike as a result both of them suffer. The teachers of these colleges are not only ill-equipped but also they are insufficient in numbers. The +2 students of these colleges are victims of colossal apathy, The entrance examinations are becoming very tough but on the other hand the standard of teaching is gradually diminishing for which the student is disappointed and the parents live in despair. Thus arises the need of a residential college which exclusively deals with the +2 students and takes care of their career through quality teaching, coaching and training.